Nitro Beet - Organic Powder

Nitro Beet - Organic Powder


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NitroBio Supplements: The food based supplements we offer activate Nitric Oxide.

  • Natural Dehydrated Vegetable Powder
  • Non-GMO, No Pesticides
  • 340 Grams
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Nitric oxide is a molecule that our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body. Nitric oxide has been shown to be important in the following cellular activities:

1. Increases endurance and strength

2. Reduces inflammation

3. Helps with sexual function in both males and females

4. Lowers blood pressure by increasing vasodilatation

5. Helps raise testosterone levels

6. Reduces recovery time after workout

Nitric Oxide (NO) is reduced with age. Our bodies produce half as much nitric oxide when we are 40 as when we were 20. By the time we reach 60 the amount is cut in half again.

One way to increase our NO levels is to use supplements like NitroBeets. Our propriety blend is a mixture of organic beet juice crystals mix with finely ground organic beet powder.

NitroBeets are an all natural way to replenish your NO levels on a daily basis. The powder contains enough NO in one teaspoon to last the average person the entire day!

Simply put one teaspoon of NitroBeet powder in 6 to 8 ounces of liquid in a jar/sports bottle, fill it, put on the lid, shake well and drink. It's also great in your favorite smoothie!

Weight: 340 g