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Photon technology improves a person’s functioning and quality of life. Light, with us from the beginning of time, is a prerequisite for all life and its evolution through the eons.

LuxWaves is the next generation in light therapy. The LX 1000 LuxWave model is designed for simple and easy hands-free use. These are the best light therapy devices on the market, and everything is completely 100% natural to speed up the recovery and rejuvenation process with no harmful side effects. The portable models that you can take for pain relief can be used anytime and anywhere, whether it’s at home or in the office.

Simply put, LuxWaves are proven and affordable light therapy devices that are effective for the holistic health professional and lay person alike. Light Therapy is described in the scientific literature as Biostimulation or Photobiomodulation (PBM), the latter of which is the more common and modern term. This technology is backed by thousands of peer-reviewed published studies. Due to hyper-inflated healthcare costs and the numerous adverse reactions to dangerous prescription medications, people have been searching for non-invasive, non-toxic, and affordable treatment options for decades now. Finally, your long search is over! PBM is a system that stimulates cellular and bone regeneration for treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and connective tissue in a completely non-invasive and painless way without drugs or surgery.

Discover for yourself the proven science of PBM light therapy. Unlike expensive and dangerous drugs, LuxWaves makes it easy for people to get affordable and safe pain relief. Both the corded and cordless models are conveniently lightweight, portable and have a long-lasting battery. PBM has been shown to increase blood circulation and reduce painstiffness, and muscle spasms in the body. LuxWaves also provides the athlete with a convenient, comfortable, and portable light device for effective therapeutic treatment anywhere they may need it. This totally safe, natural, drug-free pain relief and cell regeneration system is used in the professional clinical fields of sports medicine, chiropractic care, physical rehab therapy, and veterinary medicine. With regard to veterinary medicine, PBM technology has been used successfully by competitive horse trainers for decades now.Time and again light has been proven to be a powerful, safe and effective treatment modality. If you or your holistic health practice is looking for a natural and safe alternative to pain and circulatory problems, you’ve come to the right place. Even over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, and Acetaminophen can have serious adverse health effects. In fact, when it comes to prescription and over-the-counter medication, around 100,000 people in the US die every year taking these drugs as prescribed!

Our cells need light every day just as surely as they need water and micronutrients. Light therapy can additionally help you reach your optimum fitness goals, since it increases the body’s circulation and vasodilation. LEDs have revolutionized artificial light generation in recent years and made it possible for individuals to have safe and effective light therapy in their home or health clinic at a reasonable price. Currently, nearly half of all LuxWaves light therapy devices on the market today are used by professional health clinicians.

LuxWaves continues to innovate and lead the way forward in the evidence-based light therapy products market. Our inspiration comes from people like Niels Finsen, who won the Nobel Prize in 1904 for successfully treating people with light. Now, we can combine light with certain key supplements to decrease the light therapy restoration response time in half. PBM does not use heat or pulsing electricity to induce a biological reaction like some of the other therapies on the market today.

In topical treatments, light has a photochemical effect such as you can see in the photosynthesis of plants. For light therapy to work effectively, enough light has to penetrate below the surface of the skin and be absorbed by our body’s cells. Amazingly, some conditions will improve with just a few simple treatments.

In the 1980s, classified work was being done by NASA and the Soviet Space Program in the development of light therapy for their astronauts and cosmonauts respectively. Tiina Karu from Russia, then the USSR, and Professor Kendrick Smith of Stanford University were the first mainstream academics to learn about this phenomenal technology, eventually co-authoring articles and books together on the subject.

Biostimulation (the forerunner to what’s known today as PBM) was discovered by a Hungarian scientist named Andre Mester in the 1950s. In his early experiments, he discovered that hair would grow back quickly after exposure to specific wavelengths of light. Soon, the Russians heard about his findings, and Tiina Karu became the first person to publish the results from a controlled double-blind research study that replicated Mester’s work. She was even able to increase cell growth by 300% in vitro using specific frequencies of light! Her articles were slow to be accepted by the scientific community though. She began modifying lasers into what you could call low-level frequency generators and was able to deliver fantastic results. Dr. Karu was able to get these devices into major hospitals throughout Russia, until one day she was simply off from being able to modify them.

PBM technology fell solely into the domain of the private sector, and there it sat unseen, undeveloped, and unused until fairly recently. Devices were only getting developed by space agencies until the late 1980s, when Seattle-based electrical engineer David Olszewski began manufacturing affordable handheld PBM devices. He was a very early adopter and developer of this technology, particularly when you consider that most people still haven’t caught on. One of the early LuxWaves executives was lucky enough to work with this extraordinary visionary. Other early pioneers were Dr. Fred Kahn of Meditech International, Multi Radiance Medical, Anodyne and Eugene Barnett of Advanced Light Devices.

The founders of LuxWaves saw a market for effective, user friendly, affordable light therapy devices, and these goals were reached in 2012 when LuxWaves was officially born. Over the next several years, we have gotten tremendously positive feedback from the public about our devices. No other devices on the market today can match our price-per-watt energy output.
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