Anti-Aging Applications

Light Rejuvenation

Photobiological treatment encourages the rejuvenation of skin tissue.

In a 2002 article entitled “Balance You Hormones and Erase Wrinkles” published in Woman’s World Magazine, David Olszewski reports how, “Just one hour of red light treatment daily stimulates the formation of new skin cells and the skin-firming collagen. Improvements can be seen in just 24 hours.” Light therapy is indeed a powerful anti-aging tool. As we get older, we begin to see its visible signs in things like wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots. This is due in part to decreased collagen levels in the skin accelerated by the process of aging and bad lifestyle choices like smoking, over using tanning beds, exposure to electromagnetic smog, too much stress, and eating a poor diet.

Light therapy also treats vascular lesions such as spider and varicose veins by increasing blood
circulation and the formation of new capillaries needed to replace the damaged ones. The light
treatment targets a specific hemoglobin pigment found in the blood, normalizing the cellular
movement and eliminating unsightly skin tags all without damaging the epidermis.
Most people would give anything to get rid of cellulite. This extra body fat is caused by a
number of various factors including one’s genetics, age, eating habits, and metabolism. It
usually forms around the thighs, posterior and abdominal regions of the body. Light therapy

aids someone in diminishing cellulite by improving the microcirculation of the lymph nodes and
blood flow necessary for fat loss.
Veronica Stetson, a massage therapist in Scottsdale, Arizona, uses a LED light therapy device on
her patients’ cellulite. In her article “The Light Fantastic for Day Spa” written for the health
lifestyle Day Spa Magazine, Veronica states that she usually has to employ an aggressive and
often painful deep tissue massage technique like Rolfing, when her patients suffer from hard
cellulite. After the spa acquired a light therapy device to treat clients with cellulite issues,
Stetson noticed that she only had to give a standard massage, so long as she was also
employing light therapy. “The results are significantly better,” Stetson states, and “there is less
swelling in the lymph nodes and better circulation.”
Kim Segal has been using cold-laser treatments to help patients lose weight. Light therapy used
in conjunction with cold-laser treatments releases endorphins, which helps to suppress the
appetite. The endorphin rush also boosts the body’s metabolism and mitigates against the
stress that often accompanies dieting.
People, who struggle with premature hair loss, truly benefit from light therapy. While high-
wattage lasers are often used for hair removal, low-wattage lasers and LEDs are being used to
promote hair growth. In 2007, the FDA cleared the way for the first hand-held laser therapy
device designed specifically to treat hair loss. The light treatment uses photon energy to
activate enzymes found within the scalp that normalizes damaged tissue and is necessary for
hair follicle growth. Improved blood flow leads to an increase in the number of corpuscles that
provide oxygen and needed nutrients to damaged hair roots. The photo biological end result is
the production of stronger, healthier, and faster-growing hair as well as a healthier scalp. Light
can even regenerate hair follicles damaged from years of waxing, tweezing or other forms of
uneven hair removal work.


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