Biphotonic Science

Sunlight Molecules

All of the body’s cells have photo-acceptor molecules within them. These molecules enable us
to absorb sunlight and convert it to Vitamin D3 that in turn is necessary for calcium absorption.

This photochemical system enables the body to receive an energetic signal from sunlight, which
is absolutely critical to health. Red light therapy uses the same photo-acceptor molecules and
works by charging your cells with bio-photonic energy. Wavelengths of light stimulate your
mitochondria, which you could liken to the engine of the cell. This light-activated process
produces ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) energy allowing for an increased cellular respiration
process. ATP is the crucial molecule that fuels everything our bodies do. A tremendous amount
of ATP is needed for normal cellular growth. Simply put, APT helps people look, feel, heal, and
perform at their very best. Clinical studies done by Multi Radiance Medical in Brazil have
consistently shown that red light therapy improves strength, endurance, speed, muscle growth,
and the muscle recovery process. It increases cytochrome c oxidase activity, activates cell
signaling pathways, and increases the expression of protective genes.
Our bodies have a field of energy that consistently communicates with light and deciphers the
complex language of light signaling between our trillions of cells. As Dr. Mary Dyson says, “Light

is the language of the cells.” Our cells emit what are referred to as biophotons. These
biophoton energy packets range from ultraviolet to infrared on the electromagnetic spectrum.
It wasn’t until fairly recently that biophotons were even detectable with our instrumentation. In
essence, our body’s cells are communicating via a symphony of color. Light therapy works by
boosting your energy production at a cellular level. Red light therapy has a natural anti-
inflammatory effect and has been clinically shown to improve circulation and reduce oxidative
stress. Leading photomedicine researcher, Dr. Michael Hamblin, has said that red light therapy
causes “an overall reduction in inflammation, which is particularly important for disorders of
joints, traumatic injuries, lung disorders and in the brain… a very mild form of stress that
activates protective mechanisms in the cells… it nudges mitochondria to make energy more
efficiently and boost production of healing anti-inflammatories or disease-fighting
antioxidants.” A 2018 study published in Brazil showed that red light therapy decreased all
cytokine levels after therapy and increased immune cell proliferation. The results indicate that
light therapy could change the inflammatory downward spiral of people suffering from arthritis
and accelerate healing through immune cells.

Matt DeBow ⓒ 2019  •