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Light Therapy

Many professional athletes are now talking about light therapy. Sports Illustrated featured an article about a pro mountain biker, Jill Kintner’s, light therapy rehab. Jill Kintner turned to light therapy to improve her recovery time.

Sanne Wevers, a 2016 Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, uses PBM for knee pain. She says, “I definitely recommend red light therapy to athletes and really anyone, who's trying to come back from injuries or overcome pain and strain.
from workouts.” PBM therapy, in some cases, helped patients avoid invasive surgery. Studies
done by Multi-Radiance Medical have validated it both in vitro and in vivo, clinical practice, as
well as in the gym and sports field.When we look at the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of LuxWaves devices, we can be certain that it doesn’t have the potential danger of unintended consequences that using high-powered lasers can have on patients seeking treatment. Photobiomodulation using LEDs are clinically proven to create the cascading energy effect, allowing for deep penetration and enhanced absorption of light without any of the risks that lasers had in the past.

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