Frequencies of Light

Light has many biological effects inside the body. Infrared, red, and other frequencies of light have a wide range of health benefits.

PBM is now being used for back, joint, foot, and knee
pain. It’s also been found effective for treating muscle spasms, body aches, inflammation,
carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, cellulite,
seasonal adverse disorder (SAD), Alzheimer’s, dementia, thyroid disorders, eczema, psoriasis,
post-operative stroke, broken bones, osteoporosis, and sexual dysfunction to name just some
of the many issues for which light therapy has been of therapeutic benefit.

Using red light on the head can have the added benefit of stimulating hair growth and helping
to prevent hair loss. In fact, the use of red light on the scalp was PBM’s first FDA approved
application back in the 1980s. Light treatments have also been known to reduce swelling and
inflammation after surgeries and enhance the post-op rehabilitation process. Patients have
been shown to recover much faster from plastic surgery as well with less pain and
There are scientific studies going on around the world on every imaginable part of the body
using different wavelengths and colors of light. Not only is red light therapy safe for the body,
it’s also good for the eyes in low-wattage emissions. It’s been shown to help prevent vision loss,
alleviate glaucoma, and effectively treat macular degeneration. 
It does this by helping tissues receive greater oxygen and an influx of nutrients, while also
ridding the cells of toxic free radical damage. In the over 50 years that it’s been around, light
therapy has been backed up by thousands of peer-reviewed medical studies and clinical trials
that have overwhelmingly shown positive results. So, for instance, red light therapy treatments
are known to supercharge your cells to make energy. This light also reduces oxidative stress
associated with cell injury, muscle fatigue, joint pain and issue inflammation. It increases the
activation of numerous intracellular signaling pathways as well as protein synthesis, enzyme
activation, and enhanced cell cycle progression. Light therapy PBM technology has been
validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments, and in everyday clinical

Matt DeBow ⓒ 2019  •