Recovery Management

Light Recovery

The costly process of recovery management can be a very slow and frustrating series of continuous visits to rehabilitation facilities with very little improvement to show for it all.

LuxWaves, however, develops and manufactures user-friendly phototherapy devices that
people can use in the comfort of their own home, office or car anytime they need relief. We use
proven technology that meets FDA and CE standards. More than 100,000 holistic health care
professionals globally depend on Light Therapy (PBM) for treating their patients. These PBM
devices are becoming far more widespread and are increasingly being used by health care
professionals in hospitals, outpatient services, chiropractic offices and sports medicine clinics.
Major studies are being conducted and published about photobiomodulation in peer-reviewed
academic medical journals such as: The New England Journal of Medicine, Sports Illustrated,
Diabetes Care, Practical Pain Management, Age, Ageing and many others. Light therapy has
uniformly been proven to benefit almost all tissues and organs of the body that are suffering
from pain, inflammation, or injury of one kind or another.
LuxWaves Therapy Systems is an effective tool against many ailments, whether you are a health
care practitioner seeking to widen the scope of your practice or a patient seeking to treat
specific medical issues. It utilizes scientifically-developed devices to maximize the effectiveness
of treatment in reducing inflammation and stimulating the body’s immune system, while
simultaneously facilitating its natural healing process. This, in turn, reduces the symptomology
of medical conditions, especially pain.
Light Therapy increases blood circulation, which of course increases your body's ability to
provide the essential nutrients and energy needed by your cells to function optimally. Usually,
the effectiveness of light therapy is dependent on the dose, and this is likewise dependent on
several factors including the wavelength, power density, skin type, bio-terrain, pulse frequency,
duty cycle, and the total surface area of what’s being treated. Advancements in LED technology
make them a safe and cost-efficient means of delivering light therapy. Unlike with lasers,
LuxWaves do not require either the healthcare professional or the patient to have to use
protective eyewear during treatment sessions.

Matt DeBow ⓒ 2019  •