Flexible light Pad

Flexibility enables the LX100 to wrap the pad on virtually any part of the human body. The washable, anti-bacterial silicone material incorporates 168 high energy diodes into the pad. Apart from its noticeable soothing warmth, the LED lights stimulates the production of nitric oxide (N.O.) in the body. N.O. promotes circulation. As a consequence, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is improved, and pain transmission is reduced. The LX1000 are extremely safe and easy to use. The LEDs have the same ability to reduce pain as low level lasers, but at fraction of the cost and with no side effects.

Hand Held Devices

We have three mobile light therapy photon generators. There light device are powerful 3 Watt hand held devices. Come with Velcro strap for wearability on appendages and specific areas. There models are the Red 660nm, Infrared 880nm and Blue 415nm. The Blue 415nm light is antipathogenic device for eliminating bacteria, reducing the chance on infection.

Flat Panel Technology

This powerful device is primarily meant for home use. It’s high output of 45 Watts is great for feet, abdomen and legs. It’s a lightweight plastic case that houses the high energy Photon Therapy Panel; there are 113 Red and 112 Infrared LEDs, a total of 120 LEDs in the unit.


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LuxWaves Directors have been researching light for over 30 years. Personally interviewing the early scientists and leaders of Photon Therapy.

Being ahead of the curve by designing light devices that can wrap to the contour of your body.

With the high output of LEDs the is no need expensive lasers anymore. LuxWaves has the best price per Watt to any comparative device, others are several times the price.

We believe Nitric Oxide supplement ingestion prior to light application enhances the photonic effect

Every Living cell not only absorbs light, each cell emits light, knows as biophotons. The LuxWaves team are looking at those pathways in order to enhance future development.